It's like turbo power for your traffic management decisions.

Get the precision decisions flowing. Get our powerfully fast, above ground video detection and radar technology matched with our clarifying analytics to make data more actionable. Result: decisions become proactive, not reactive.

Overwhelming road traffic and its attendant problems are among every city's most challenging issues. To move traffic safely and efficiently, you need a company that's out front, accelerating toward more effective ITS solutions. That's Image Sensing Systems. On a mission to help you make timely precision decisions, day in, day out.

  • Detection of moving violations
  • Turning movements
  • Stop line and approach detection
  • Advanced detection
  • Queue detection
  • Bicycle detection and differentiation

Autoscope Vision

Autoscope performance is robust and reliable

Autoscope RackVision Terra US

Detector rack card provides a cost-effective solution.

Autoscope RackVision Pro 2

Dual channel machine vision processor designed to meet intersection detection objectives

It's like turbo power for your traffic management decisions.