Supports all Autoscope video vehicle detection products

Product Overview

The Autoscope Software Suite supports all Autoscope video vehicle detection products. The software is easy to use, yet powerful enough to meet stringent demanding requirements for today's most sophisticated urban traffic control centers.

Its client-server design, centered on a robust, proven, communications server, provides the flexibility to operate seamlessly on workstations over a LAN/WAN/Internet connection yet run simply and reliably on a portable notebook computer. Communications over all serial and TCP/IP communications channels to field devices are supported.

The primary user interface is called the Network Browser. The Network Browser conveniently and automatically learns and configures communications channels to all field equipment and allows you to easily manage your field networks of video vehicle detection systems. The Network Browser is used to launch the software suite applications listed below, which facilitate the configuration and maintenance of the fields devices and communications and provides a means of collecting and accessing vehicle detection data.

  • Configuration Wizard& Detector Editor — Configure all video vehicle detection devices
  • Data Collector — Collect, display and archive measured traffic data and alarms
  • Video Controller & Player — Control video output, camera zoom, and display and record streaming digital video
  • Front Panel — Display the current operational status of an individual field device
  • System Test — Perform end-to-end test to verify correct input/output wiring
  • Software Installer — Installs software onto field devices
  • Operation Log Viewer — Retrieve, display, and archive operation logs from field devices
  • Communications Server Status — Monitor current server status and display diagnostic communications statistics

Supports all Autoscope video vehicle detection products