Supports all Autoscope video vehicle detection products

Product Overview

Autoscope Software Developer's Kit (SDK) provides the tools necessary to integrate Autoscope video vehicle detection systems into existing traffic management systems and to develop new custom software applications which use the advanced traffic detection information provided by the Autoscope wide area video vehicle detection system.

Complete documentation, sample application programs with source code, a client application programming interface (CLAPI), a communications server, and single-use license are provided. The kit allows anyone with computer programming skills to develop an application that retrieves information from Autoscope video detection systems for a traffic control or traffic data collection system.

Typical Applications:

  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)
  • Advanced Traffic Information Systems (ATIS)
  • Automatic Incident Detection for highways, bridges, or tunnels
  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Control
  • Ramp Meter Control

The SDK is an optional product and is not included with the standard Autoscope Software Suite. Please contact your local Autoscope representative for purchasing information.

Due to our continuous efforts to develop products that are most responsive to our customers needs, specifications are subject to change. For complete list of specifications, please download the data sheet.

Autoscope RackVision Terra US

Detector rack card provides a cost-effective solution.

Autoscope RackVision Pro 2

Dual channel machine vision processor designed to meet intersection detection objectives

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Supports all Autoscope video vehicle detection products