Video Detection

Autoscope Video Detection

Autoscope video detection captures video images of traffic and analyzes the information using sophisticated algorithms for traffic management.

The video detection line offers several models resulting in the widest range of video detection products in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market. Bringing together industry-leading solution for today’s transport challenges.

Autoscope AIS-IV Camera

Durable, high resolution video traffic camera optimized for Autoscope machine vision processors

Autoscope Vision

Autoscope performance is robust and reliable

Autoscope RackVision Terra US

Detector rack card provides a cost-effective solution.

Autoscope RackVision Pro 2

Dual channel machine vision processor designed to meet intersection detection objectives

Autoscope RackVision Pro 1

Cost-effective solution for traffic detection

Autoscope Software Suite

Supports all Autoscope video vehicle detection products

Autoscope Cyclescope

 Helping transportation agencies provide safety for bicyclist

Autoscope Software Developer’s Kit

Supports all Autoscope video vehicle detection products