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Meet Mohammad...he lives outside the city and commutes during the week to the city center for work. Traffic levels can be extremely high some days, so high in fact that a ten-minute commute can easily turn into a 30-minute or longer commute. Mohammad was never able to determine how late he was going to be work. He found his commute very frustrating and inefficient. 

Meet Khalifa…he works as a Smart City Manager for a Saudi Arabian city. He needs reliable traffic information about the efficiency of city roadways as well as detailed traffic flow patterns for the entire roadway network. He performs traffic impact studies using macro and micro simulation modules and needs detailed information about the number of vehicles, type, class and speed of vehicles using the city roadways. His goal is to find innovative solutions to help him easily perform his day-to-day tasks. 

Meet Abdullah…he is an operations and maintenance city manager for a Saudi Arabian city. His focus is on decreasing the total cost of ownership for implemented solutions. Over the years, his transportation budget has been reduced so it is important for him to identify solutions that meet these objectives.

Image Sensing Systems has the perfect solution to address each of these gentlemen’s pain-points. Our frustrated commuter, Mohammad, just wants to know how long it is going to take him to get to work so he can plan out his day. For our efficient smart city manager, Khalifa, he wants to be able to power up his computer and connect to a web-based system where he can easily run reports to get the data he needs to do his job. Our budget conscious, Abdullah, just wants to understand the total cost of ownership and make sure it fits within his constrained budget.

The RTMS Sx-300 BT is an integrated radar and dual-channel Bluetooth sensor that provides the most accurate journey time and origin/destination information in real-time. This integrated Bluetooth sensor detects the Bluetooth signals from vehicles, hands-free sets, mobile phones, and navigation systems. Best of all, Sx-300 is renowned for long-term, worry-free reliability. RTMS Sx-300 BT combined with variable message signs (VMS) provides accurate journey time information, giving motorists like Mohammad the information they need to determine how long it will take them to get into the city. 

The RTMS Sx-300 BT sends the data to a web-based software that allows traffic managers and transportation engineers like Khalifa to easily look at the health of their road network. The software allows users to easily login to the system and generate reports that have the number of vehicles, types, class and the speed of vehicles on the road. This information is vital for planning.

Having one all-in-one system with integrated radar and Bluetooth detection, provides a cost-effective solution for helping Abdullah meet his budget targets. This solution has a single sensor, single installation, single software and can be accessed remotely for fast maintenance.

Saudi Arabia is one of the first countries to understand the advantages of integrated solutions. RTMS Sx-300 BT sensors were installed sixty (60) kilometers from the Persian Gulf on the outskirts of the city and at the central train station. These sensors are monitoring a portion of eight (8) kilometers of roadway. Through the cloud-based application, the data collected by the Sx-300 BT is displayed on the VMS to provide real-time journey time. The system also allows the transportation agency to display critical traffic information such as incidents on the road or weather conditions.


  • Integrated solution for journey time and complete traffic data for each lane. 
  • Most powerful Bluetooth detector for up to 12 lanes of monitoring slow and fast speed vehicles. 
  • Unique solution to provide the level of service to end users and critical information for city managers. 
  • Fast, reliable and secure data transmission through cloud application. 
  • Easy installation and configuration. 
  • Remote operation. 
  • Long-term, worry-free reliability with 5 year warranty. 
  • Automatic Incident Detection module option available. 
  • Brings value to your journey by providing accurate journey time information and critical detailed traffic information in real-time. 

The combination of these two technologies provides the complete view of your transportation infrastructure. This all-in-one concept is simple to integrate into any system wheather urban signal control or highway traffic management. Mohammad, Khalifa and Abdullah can now rest assure that their transportation problems are solved.

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