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Reliable Radar Technology

Keeping your daily commute free of congestion and maintenance.

Behind the scenes in cities all over the world, RTMS radar detection solutions are working hard to ensure smooth traffic flow and prevent road accidents. From the wide suburban arterials, to the rapidly moving highways, to the busiest downtown intersections, RTMS solutions help to keep the daily commute free of congestion and maintenance. 

Radar Solutions Brochure
Solution Story:

Build your Smart City using traffic data

As you are sitting at your desk, looking out the window thinking about your transportation problems and how you are going to find solutions, ask yourself these questions. How can I get reliable traffic data from my transportation system so I can plan better? Where can I find a solution that will be able to handle a variety of…

Radar Detection Products

  • RTMS Echo

    Unlock the power of per-vehicle data.

    Available: Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East

  • RTMS Sx-300

    Non-intrusive, radar-based RTMS Sx-300 is an advanced sensor for the detection and measurement of traffic on roadways

    Available: Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East

  • Solution Story:

    Integrated Journey Time Solution

    Meet Mohammad...he lives outside the city and commutes during the week to the city center for work. Traffic levels can be extremely high some days, so high in fact that a ten-minute commute can easily turn into a 30-minute or longer commute. Mohammad was never able to determine how late he was going to be work. He found…

  • Solution Story:

    RTMS Making History: 10 Year and Counting

    Ten years ago, a cosmopolitan city in the Middle East equipped their roadways with RTMS X3 and G4 radars to collect data to understand how their roadways are performing and those sensors are still in operation today.  Today, they continue to use RTMS and have implemented eighty RTMS Sx-300 with integrated IP interface. The…

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