Autoscope performance is robust and reliable

Building on more than two decades of proven above-ground video detection experience, Autsocope Vision delivers the highest levels of accuracy and performance in an easy-to-use detection solution that supports a variety of traffic management and ITS applications.

Autoscope Vision is an integrated camera-processor sensor solution that provides high performance stop bar vehicle detection, bicycle detection and differentiation, advanced vehicle detection, traffic data collection and HD video surveillance.  It also supports local WiFi and streaming video to mobile computing devices. 

Autoscope Vision utilizes an ITO faceplate heater and hydrophilic coated lens to maintain optimal performance during inclement weather while reducing the frequency of cleaning. Power and  communication to Vision sensor is conducted via the Vision Comm Manager. 

  • Highest levels of accuracy and performance
  • Built-in local WiFi for quick and simple setup
  • Easy to install with 3-wires only
  • Simple integration to all traffic cabinets
  • High Definition (HD) camera for superior video images
  • Program an entire intersection in just minutes


  • 16W typical, 18W maximum
  • 89 to 265 VAC
  • 60/50 Hz


  • -34° C to +74° C (-29° F to 165° F)
  • Meets TS2 standards
  • Relative humidity of 0 to 95%, non-condensing

Dimensions and Weight:

  • H x W x L (with sunsheild and bracket):
  • 177.8 mm x 140 mm x 571.5 mm
  • 7 in x 5.5 in x 22.5 in
  • 2.95 kg (6.5 lbs)

Additional Information:

Autoscope performance is robust and reliable