Helping transportation agencies provide safety for bicyclist

The Autoscope Cyclescope feature takes bicycle detection to the next level.  Cyclescope enhances bicycle detection capability and adds the ability to differentiate between bicycles and vehicles as they approach the intersection.

A significant advantage to Cyclescope is that it doesn't require additional roadway markings, product purchases or equipment installations or maintenance. It can detect and differentiate bicycles made of any material on any approaching lane at no additional cost.

The combination of Autoscope bicycle detection capabilities and the Autoscope Cyclescope feature allow traffic control strategy with minimal changes to the signalized intersection configuration, with no changes to the cabinet wiring, with little or no changes to the controller.

Cyclescope helps transportation agencies provide safety for bicyclist by making timely precision decisions at the intersection.

  • Provides bicycle detection on all detectors, differentiation on all approaching lanes, at any point in the field of view 
  • Requires no additional equipment, installation, or maintenance costs 
  • Differentiates between motorized vehicles and bicycles of any material type 
  • Demonstrates success of bicycle friendly programs through enhanced traffic data collection

Autoscope Vision

Autoscope performance is robust and reliable

Autoscope Duo

A hybrid radar and video vehicle detection system - the first in a new generation of hybrid sensor technology

Autoscope RackVision Terra US

Detector rack card provides a cost-effective solution.

 Helping transportation agencies provide safety for bicyclist