Real-time traffic measurement and data collection over a wide area

Product Overview

IntellitraffiQ provides real-time traffic measurement, data collection and incident alerting across large and small areas. An enterprise-level system capable of monitoring traffic in hundreds of locations, iQ’s simple yet powerful user interface helps Traffic Operations Centers (TOC) make precision decisions to keep traffic flowing smoothly. 

IntellitraffiQ’s flexible architecture provides traffic managers the ability to monitor multiple types of sensors from one interface across a number of display types. Users can manage their entire sensor system from one screen. They are able to setup, monitor and interact directly with the sensors right from within the TOC. The iQ dashboard displays sensor data in real-time, allowing managers to make key decisions based on powerful analytic tools. iQ maps provide the TOC with an interactive map of their entire area, while displaying real-time data coming directly from the sensors in the field. IntellitraffiQ’s feature combination make a powerful, intuitive platform to help provide traffic management professionals with a clear precise picture of their transportation infrastructure. 

  • Interactive mapping with real-time sensor data display 
  • Device management dashboard 
  • Speed map display 
  • Customized route based travel time information 
  • Data collection and storage for accurate measurements of volume, occupancy, classification and speed 
  • Multi-level administration: Device / User / System 
  • Server mode allows users to push data to third party display system 

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Real-time traffic measurement and data collection over a wide area

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