The ideal sensor for getting online travel time information and origin/destination information for improved infrastructure planning.

The DeepBluesensor range offers full flexibility. The sensors are provided with or without the centralized system. You have the choice of integrating the journey time data from our centralized solution or gather raw Bluetooth device data directly from the sensors through TCP/IP or via GPRS.

DeepBlue Sensor D-Model

A unique dual channel Bluetooth and WiFi sensor deploying two powerful antennas for real side fire operation

DeepBlue Sensor S-Model

A single channel Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sensor that detects Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals from vehicles

DeepBlue Sensor R-Model

A single channel Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sensor for integration in your roadside cabinet or traffic controller

DeepBlue Core

Most efficient way for providing robust travel-time information

DeepBlue Core Plus

Data analysis tool allows the study flow and distribution of traffic

Virtual Control Center

Web-based plug and play solution for DeepBlue Core and Core+