Q: Where is Image Sensing Systems, Inc. traded and what is its ticker symbol?
A: Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISS) common stock trades on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ISNS.

Q: When has ISS completed stock offerings?
A: ISS completed its initial public offering in June 1995 with a sale of 990,000 shares of common stock. ISS completed a secondary offering in April 2010, selling 798,000 shares of common stock.

Q: How many shares of common stock does ISS have outstanding?
A: As of December 31, 2017, ISS has 5,210,448 shares of common stock outstanding.

Q: Does ISS have a Direct Stock Purchase Plan or a Re-investment Plan?
A: No, ISS does not presently offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan or a Dividend Reinvestment Plan. If you would like to purchase shares in ISS, please contact your broker. The company does not anticipate paying any dividends in the foreseeable future.

Q: When and where was ISS incorporated?
A: ISS was incorporated in the state of Minnesota on December 20, 1984 when it began operations.

Q: What is ISS' fiscal year?
A: ISS' fiscal year is based upon the calendar year, with the first day of the fiscal year on January 1st, and the last day of the fiscal year on December 31st. ISS' first quarter ends on March 31st, second quarter ends June 30th, third quarter ends September 30th, and fourth quarter ends December 31st.

Q: How many people does ISS employ?
A: As of December 31, 2017, ISS has approximately 59 employees in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Q: Where is ISS located?
A: ISS' headquarters are located at 1600 University Avenue West, Suite 500, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104.

Q: Who are ISS' independent auditors?
A: Boulay PLLP is ISS' independent auditors.

Q: Who is ISS' legal counsel?
A: Winthrop and Weinstine, P.A. is ISS' legal counsel.

Q: Who is ISS' transfer agent?
A: Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company is ISS' transfer agent.

Legal Disclaimer: This area is for informational purposes only. You are urged to seek professional advice before investing in Image Sensing Systems' stock.